Ian is an award-winning marketer who’s spent the last thirty or so years championing a number of personality‑laden underdogs in their single‑minded quests to secure meaningful & disproportionate cut‑through in their respective categories.

Having spent his formative years working for a variety of well-buffed ‘blue chips’ and threadbare start-ups, Ian learnt how to decipher/jettison traditional agency ‘fluff;’ focusing instead on simple, no-nonsense pathways that allowed ambitious start-ups to enjoy ‘affordable’ breakthrough moments in a food & drinks arena that continues to favour ‘establishment’ brands with imposing marketing war chests.

As someone who spent time in sales and marketing, Ian has a well-rounded appreciation for the daily frustrations and dilemmas faced by so many fledgling businesses.

Indeed, as someone who played a pivotal part bedding Ben & Jerry’s down in the UK, taking UK organics mainstream (Enjoy Organic/RHM) and helping Canada’s leading GF cereal pioneer find its feet in the UK, Ian knows a fair bit about upsetting the odds.

The Toxic Toadburger Conspiracy

In 2005, Ian wrote The Toxic Toadburger Conspiracy, turning his creative writing hobby into an Amazon reality. This fast-paced children’s book (still visible on many GCSE reading lists) was inspired by Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation and explored the ‘real’ issues of child obesity and addictive fast food via a light-hearted, full-throttle tale.


We are at the early stages of our journey and to have found somebody like Ian who has been so generous with his time, expertise, effort and honest opinions has been invaluable. Thank you!
Daniel Featherstone: Made for Drink

Purple Pilchard has been a fantastic partner for Great British Biscotti Co helping us shape the persona and image for our new brand. We've had superb feedback from clients & consumers complimenting us on how brilliant and refreshing the work Ian did for us is.' We briefed Ian to take us away from the "grey suit" brigade and to give us a style/image that was fun and original. I cannot recommend Pilchard enough It's fun, edgy and most importantly Ian listens to what we want and delivers in spades!
Paul Rostand: Great British Biscotti Co

As a new voice in the premium pet sector we needed to make sure our first foray into the pet press was interesting & engaging. Ian took on board everything Cotswold RAW stands for and put together a compelling positioning and tone of voice. Ian has also helped us with our awards crowd funding and brand evolution strategies.
Chris Brierley: Cotswold RAW

Ian is really exceptional, full of enthusiasm & with boundless energy. He’s incredibly responsive & supportive and I feel so fortunate to have Pilchard on board at this stage of our journey. I am confident that with Ian as part of our team we can really make ourselves heard, which as a start-up on a tight budget is no mean feat! Thanks Ian
Susan Gafsen: Pep & Lekker

Ian has been instrumental in guiding our direction and retail strategy as we look to refresh our identity whilst staying true to our core family values. His work with our new branding has been very well received by potential and existing customers alike. Ian's a person you can believe in, which is not something I've been able to say about marketers before!
Peter Craig: Beckleberry’s

We were crazy busy when Ian took on our project and it was great to have someone who put his whole heart into it from day.1. It's also great dealing with a straight talker
Jodie Howie: Shaken Udder

I've worked with many great marketers in my career and Ian stands in the 1st rank
Bram Kleppner: ex- Ben & Jerry's International

Each time I receive an e-mail with new written text by Ian I feel excited as I know how good it will be and what it will do for our brands.
Matt: Oloves

We love the fact that Ian has his own opinions and is forthright with them. He's full of ideas and bucket loads of enthusiasm and has been a pleasure to work with
Judy Willis: Darling Spuds/ Salty Dog