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why pilchard?

Pilchard was born from a nagging frustration I'd felt client side that there were no agencies accommodating the distinct needs of personality-packed 'challenger' brands.

Whether you're thinking ad-hoc support or ongoing retainers, Pilchard understands only too well about spotting meaningful 'windows of opportunity,' the right moment to strike with the right message whilst wrong-footing predictable or complacent category rivals.

Making small changes can have significant, positive repercussions:

An edgier tone of voice, a friendlier/more approachable persona, introducing larger‑than‑life founders, a well-timed marketing alliance or reacting quickest to any ad-hoc opportunities that might present themselves.

Pilchard's focus is to help any brand appreciate its full complement of hidden depths!

PILCHARD PRIORITIES: Brand Plans & Market Planning, Copywriting, Marketing Comms, Mutually Beneficial Brand Alliances, PR, Social Media, Social Responsibility, Winning Awards