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our clients

Over the years Pilchard has been fortunate to work down every imaginable aisle of the supermarket, covering product categories as diverse as: adult soft drinks, biscuits & cakes, broths, chilled puds, chocolate (raw & conventional),chorizo, cooking sauces & oils ,dips, fish (surimi) flavoured milks, fruit & veg, hot beverages, ice creams & sorbets juices (cold-pressed & pasteurised) pet food, ready meals, sausages, snacking & spirits.

Popular sub-categories include:
super premium,
lactose-free &

Yes, food & drink is our primary stomping ground, due the size, ambitions and depth of the sector, however good marketing can be applied anywhere! Over the years our client base has included: book publishing, kids' sport franchises, toys and even an upmarket physiotherapy brand.

The nimble, fleet-finned nature of our work means that we work with a number of like-minded souls (specialists) across a variety of categories: events & exhibitions, guerrilla marketing, packaging & design, social media, bloggers & websites

IN OTHER WORDS, if we can't help you we know someone who can!