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Cotswold RAW

Recommended by Nutriment, Cotswold RAW has been all about positioning our client as a young, rural operator with a common sense countryside outlook. As with Nutriment, Cotswold RAW struggled, by being neither the first or best financed voice in a dynamic, 'raw' pet food arena.

Cotswold RAW quickly identified the unavoidable truth that although many pet owners buy into ‘raw thinking,’(intense flavours/nutritional depth…) many can’t square a commitment to do very best for their pet with the daily chore of scooping ‘grim looking’ goo from an ice cream tub.

Solution & Execution

Make a positive out of our outsider status (most pet food brands are multinationals/based in home counties corridor). Our countryside outlook offered: local sourcing, small batches, ingredient traceability, DEFRA accreditation and rural sustainability.

A bespoke sausage sub-range was positioned as both
a) the perfect pet owner introduction to raw feeding (instantly gettable portion control & foodiness)
b) the perfect premium solution for independent pet shops looking to differentiate themselves from standard supermarkets offers. Stylish deli-esque packaging, a quirky Butcher’s dog logo, a likeable outsider identity all conspired to generate significant press attention.

1st national award (Pet Quip) & Rural /Growing Business award recognition broadened footprint further. 2017 Crowdfund – will fund move from regional to national player.

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