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Ben & Jerry's

Even though my fav job took place outside the Pilchard years (inhouse) it was the role that shaped Purple Pilchard thinking. Initially working out of a grubby portakabin, B&J's sought to take on the might of Haagen Dazs, whose luxurious advertising, distinctive packaging and aggressive discounting had combined to create & dominate super premium ice cream. Despite its external quirky persona Ben & Jerry's was run by soulless bean counters in Vermont who'd rescued the brand from slipping into administration. We fought with consultants who'd sidelined the founders and who wanted to instil bland worldwide corporate values.

Solution & Execution

Ben & Jerry's played the role of loveable underdog. We convinced Vermont to give us full brand autonomy covering every field from product photography and PR to advertising, ranging, literature, POS, charity collaborations (social responsibility…).

Lack of ATL spend led to us grabbing headlines via 5 quirky (yet genuine) World championships: Bog snorkelling, nettle eating, conkers, toe wrestling & gurning Online initiatives included: Mystic Moo, Friends of the Girth and dropping Cool Britannia because phrase had been hijacked by GB media Poster, taxi & cinema campaigns (later years) were built around 'legendary'/cinema Awards: Marketing Society/Marketing Relationship/Marketing Effectiveness, Grocer Gramia,...

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