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Shaken Udder

Mirrored a long-held belief of mine that an opening existed for milkshakes to marry adult appeal with superior natural tastes. In a world where the nation's chillers were awash with synthetic, gloopy kid-centric milkshakes it made sense to champion something with a more natural/adult slant.

Shaken Udder was primed for success, enjoying a staunch, loyalist following within the festival circuit. The primary task was to build a mainstream following whilst showing die-hards (festival goers) that a supermarket profile wasn't selling out, merely enacting the next chapter in the brand's evolution. We broadened our appeal whilst not becoming childish or trivial. Long before Mr Sherick's we were showing milkshakes in a more discerning light Vs more mainstream alternatives like Frijj & Yazoo.

Solution & Execution

Another tale of passionate, real people taking on corporate world. Yes Jodie was from the dairy community but they still created a distinct brand within the festival circuit before tackling the major mults. This task was all about projecting great news: low added sugar (below 5%), low fat, no artificial gunk (flavourings & colours), best-in-class ingredients: real fruit, Belgian chocolate, vanilla beans…...

The first tranche of labels were Sgt Pepper(esque) to underpin the brand's music roots whilst the central message was all about unleashing one's 'inner child.' Also helped assemble first tier of brand literature and exhibition materials: a short but enjoyable task.

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