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Rod & Ben's

A personal favourite (pretty much from Day.1) provided the perfect canvas to share my Ben & Jerry's learnings. Roddy's soups had played 2nd fiddle to the business's local vegetable box operation. Soups had settled for homely farmyard fodder positioning despite possessing an enviable organic/artisan/Devon profile & a highly prized Rick Stein seal of approval Roddy was aspirational pro-independent farmer who wanted to provide real alternative to likes of Yorkshire Provender & Tideford who'd diluted their original stances in pursuit of supermarket glory.

Solution & Execution

'Food from the soil, mothing more, nothing less'

Champion soup as original healthy 'fast food,' reinforcing its 'all year' prowess: meaty, veggie, chunky, smooth, GF, lactose free, hot, cold...) The Brotherhood of Broth (The Times loved!) became an annual pilgrimage where brand die-hards walked the farm, tried sneak previews of new products & influence future range adventures. A light-hearted and involving tone across all mediums: packaging/press releases/lit/website & social media worked hand-in-hand to make ingredients the true heroes.

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