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Huxley Hound

Huxley Hound is a step change moment in better -for-you snacking for health conscious hounds; a low-fat, vitamin-rich solution to an escalating minefield of ‘junk food’ treats that offer nominal nutritional worth yet dominate large swathes of pet shop shelves (packed with artificial nasties, masking salt & sugar meat meal…..).

The simple reality is whilst pet meals have made significant strides: raw, hypo-allergenic, grain free… dog treats remain in the Dark Ages.

In the human world healthier living messaging is resonating louder than ever, suggesting that pet treats are perfectly placed for a fresh outlook.

Huxley’s dehydrated organic vegetable outlook recognises that a canine’s old-school anatomy is not well-suited to breaking down the protective cellulose barrier that prevents dogs from ingesting the healthy array of vitamins and nutrients that top-notch veg provides.

Husband & wife team (Zena & Mike) have no intention to try and convert committed carnivores into reluctant vegetarians. However, by working alongside the Bio-Science Dept of Nottingham University, the Huxley crew have tailored a scientifically sound dehydrating process capable of nudging the all-important nutrients to the outer perimeters of the veggie slices where dogs can extract them.

Solution & Execution

It is still very early on in the Huxley tale that exploded in to life after their eagerly anticipated Dragon’s Den debut resulted in two offers of dragon investment.

Pilchard priorities have to date been 3-fold

Ingratiating ourselves to a pet fraternity not always known for embracing new thinking overnight was the top priority. Profile pieces, the odd award, post Dragon’s Den interviews and the subsequent launch of a new packaging identity all needed to be showcased..

Then there was the close alignment to ‘hot’ human trends, be that the organic renaissance, the associated awareness of wonky ingredients, raising awareness of rising UK pet obesity (1:4 dogs) and the rise of Vegan/Vegetarian thinking

Finally Huxley is a sincere socially responsible pet provider that aligns itself with truly worthy projects like Pet Aid &Dogs On The Streets

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