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Fleury Michon

This was a particularly challenging project as for once Pilchard was championing an undisputed market leader as opposed to an up & coming challenger.

Surimi (crab sticks) has traditionally had a 'cheap fish fodder' reputation in the UK, in stark contrast to mainland Europe where superior ingredient decks and more involving formats (fillingsā€¦.) are actively deployed in every imaginable role from appealing appetizer and, popular lunchbox treat to on-the-go nibble and invaluable 'special' ingredient (salads, pizzas, risottosā€¦.)

Solution & Execution

Combining stylish contemporary packaging (with strong gastro pub cues), entrancing photography and pithy support copy, we set about showing surimi's more enticing side (e.g. surimi has real heritage harking back to medieval Japan).

We've taken every opportunity to bugle surimi's benefits as a superior fish finger solution employing only responsibly-sourced Alaskan Pollock and Pacific Hake, a proud Marine Stewardship Council stamp, a gritty no 'chemistry set' stance to unsavoury additions (ropey polyphosphates, preservatives and glutamates) and a deep-rooted willingness to innovate (e.g. je ne sais quoi fills: basil & cheese, garlic & cheese, olives, peppers, salmon and good olde gluten-free).

This is one occasion where only a large, respected player with Fleury Michon's rich branded cues can bring real 'appetite appeal' in contrast to the UK's current batch of bland, dreary and unadventurous propositions rule the roost.

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