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Darling Spuds

Create a clean-deck, discerning, female-orientated brand that wouldn't step on the paws of manly, on-trade stablemate Salty Dog. Whilst Salty Dog was all about intense, blokey flavours, Darling's goal was to create a more refined/wholesome offering for upmarket delis, coffee emporiums, farm shops and independents.

Solution & Execution

Pithy pack copy (complementing stylish potato-centric images) sat at heart of Darling's story. A warm, quintessentially English tone that would one day be picked up at Heathrow by an eagle-eyed Starbucks bigwig, allowing Darling to become the dashing Hugh Grant of North American snacking spreading throughout the coffee chain's extensive North American estate (1st Brit brand!).

Pilchard encouraged Darling Spuds to liaise with its good friends at Coeliac UK where it could promote its clean-deck/GF credentials (very hot topic at time) instantly opening doors (& minds) to Co-op & Ocado.

The broader messaging was one of allowing well brought up potatoes to only mix with the finest imaginable natural ingredients. We also dodged meat-themed flavours to align with co-founder's own vegetarian beliefs

Was then invited take on Salty Dog's PR (primarily on-trade) to underline its status as the antithesis of DS, namely light-hearted, blokey, intense flavours...

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