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A real 'game changer' within an under siege juice sector (sugar wars) tasked with reminding consumers about the necessity of regular juice consumption. Contesting a cluttered arena dominated by heavyweights of yesteryear (Tropicana/Innocent), Coldpress leads the fight against old?school pasteurisation, a draconian heat-themed process that inadvertently 'cooks off' hard earned tasting notes and nutrients.

In stark contrast Coldpress champions, 'cold pressure,' a heat-free process that enables best-in-class ingredients to fully express themselves.

We also underlined the simple truth that Coldpress was the category pioneer within this field whilst at the same time increasing the brand's likeability. Rapid supermarket success and a historical obsession with 'sciencey speak' meant Coldpress hadn't given itself sufficient breathing space to build and establish a defendable heartland like some of its 'image over substance' rivals.

Solution & Execution

We positioned ourselves as juice evangelists not elitists (superior juices for everyone).
A lighter tone (press/website) and pithy messaging have been key to making Coldpress the 'go‑to' voice within 'cold pressure' juices. Whether talking to The Guardian's 'Obese Britain' supplement, Drinks Buyer magazine, or in‑the‑know‑bloggers, we've made ourselves more receptive to health conscious 'lifestylers.' Using easy‑to‑grasp terminology: 'nutritionally dense,' 'free‑from heat' & 'making Mother Nature proud' to engender mainstream appeal.

We've also pioneered other juice themed propositions: veggie juices, fruit & veg blends, lactose‑free almond milks, kid friendly juices and juice-based coconut waters.

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