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Great British Biscotti

Paul & his team of artisan bakers had spent the last year experiencing significant growing pains (3rd factory within 2 years) and, yet despite changing their name from New Forest to Great British Biscotti continued to think and act in a parochial manner.

GBBC was challenging many traditional biscotti beliefs including an outmoded notion that the best biscotti were baked in Tuscany, that almonds were the only flavour profile that mattered and that biscotti’s only priority was to make every great cup of frothy coffee taste even better.

This was a brand with a great new look, an extensive range but no bikkie gravitas –it needed a big dollop of self-belief that introduced this classic dunker to a younger 'quality counts’ audience.

Solution & Execution

Quickly underpin the foodie scope biscotti beyond 'accomplished coffee dunker,’ although short-term we needed to remind hot beverage enthusiasts about this bikkie’s status as a sublime hot beverage accompaniment (dunker extraordinaire) whilst also pointing out that honey, lemon & ginger had been baked specifically with tea enthusiasts in mind.

The next priority was to paint Dorset not Tuscany as the spiritual home for 'true' biscotti innovation For one thing GBBC has created a family of fantastical flavours (both sweet & savoury) which included Coffee & Walnut to Pistachio, White Choc & Cranberries...

The next myth to burst was the historical notion that this craggy, double-baked biscuit had limited appetite appeal: hence formats like Parmesan & Chorizo, Indian Spice that could extra wow to any soup (upmarket crouton), canape tray, cheeseboard or charcuterie starter.

A playful tone of voice, a willingness to liaise with food & drinks editors and social media influencers is starting to get the brand noticed as will forthcoming foodie awards. Our next tasks include highlighting GBBC’s growing export success (coals to Newcastle) and a 2nd wave of more enlightened flavour profiles: Seaweed & Cracked Peppercorns...

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