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Beckleberry's is an award-winning pudding pioneer that came into being in 1996 when Peter decided that a traditional university path just wasn't for him. This was about the same time his recently redundant colliery engineer father was also wondering what to do with his severance pay.

Both shared a deep-rooted appreciation for great-tasting ice cream and their local region's proud manufacturing traditions, which they wanted to tap into to create something real, tangible and long-term.

Beckleberry's insists on: Sourcing locally (wherever feasible), No limp, half-hearted flavours, Encouraging traditional human craft over excessive mechanisation and championing full-bodied flavours with an adult leaning (keep needless 'masking' sugars to an absolute minimum).

Sorbets is a special, award-winning field of expertise for Beckleberry's as they seek to secure recognition and new recruits for a frozen dessert too often riddled with citric acid & synthetic flavours.

Solution & Execution

Beckleberry's urgently needed a memorable, head-turning identity (packaging, tone-of-voice) to go alongside its incredible pudding pedigree. For too long Beckleberry's had failed to capitalise from its pudding pedigree on account of a poorly executed and largely anonymous brand identity that many accounts had encouraged, since it made it easier to present these award-winning puds as 'made inhouse.'

Our priority was to create a brand that showcased the brand's distinct Northern roots, that differentiated Beckleberry's from its regional rivals, enabling it to build the defendable, nationwide following that it had historically been denied.

Gourmet with a Northern Soul seemed the perfect starting point to build a look and tone-of-voice that quashed the nonsensical myth that all GB's best ice creams emanated from the South West.

A commitment to bold Ben & Jerryesque flavours of an adult leaning (Blackcurrant & Kirsch, Sour Cherry & Amaretto...) was central to our wider success, as was bringing to the fore incredible ingredients that were all too often overlooked (Blackcurrants, tarragon, liquorice...).

Finally we championed a fun tone because ice cream should never be a glum experience.

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